CREI convenes networked improvement communities to improve college access, increase mathematical agency and success, and develop rigorous NGSS-aligned science projects. Please let us know if you are interested in joining one of our networks to receive on-going support and learn alongside other schools, or working with CREI in another capacity.

Mathematical Agency Improvement Community

Abolishing the phrase “I’m not a math person”

MAIC brings together teams from 17 schools to improve student agency and learning outcomes in math, particularly for students from traditionally marginalized groups. We define Mathematical Agency as the following:

Growth Mindset – “I can learn if I put in the effort.”
Belonging – “I am part of a mathematical community.”
Purpose/Value – “I feel intellectually engaged and challenged.”

Using an improvement science framework we:

  • Explore root causes contributing to this issue in our own systems
  • Develop a shared theory of action to guide our improvement efforts
  • Engage in iterative learning cycles to test/refine “high leverage” change ideas across diverse classrooms so we can discover what works, for whom, under what conditions
  • Build our collective capacity to engage in sustained improvement work within our schools


Supported by

Next Generation Science Inquiry

Developing experiential, inquiry-based projects aligned to Next Generation Science Standards.

Using lesson study and improvement science, teachers come together across grade levels and scientific disciplines to design and refine scientific experiences/lessons/projects that promote deep conceptual knowledge and provide students with opportunities to think and act like real scientists. CREI faculty and HTH schools are part of the leadership team for the NGSS Early Implementation Initiative.