Randy Scherer

Randy Scherer directs the California Career Pathways PBL Leadership Academy, a new professional development program developed in conjunction with the California Department of Education. For the past ten years, Randy taught humanities at High Tech High Media Arts, where we were a founding member of the faculty. Prior to joining the HTH Village of schools, […]

Tina Schuster

I found my way to San Diego County through a very roundabout way. After graduating from the University of Virginia, I moved to Namibia for 2 1/2 years for the Peace Corps. I fell in love with teaching while in the Peace Corps and came back to the University of Virginia to earn a Master’s […]

Alec Patton

Alec is the editor of High Tech High Unboxed, which is the place where High Tech High shares what it knows, thinks and dreams of. Specifically, it’s an online collection of podcasts, videos, and articles, and a semi-annual hard-copy journal. Alec taught humanities for five years, first at High Tech High North County, then at […]

Brent Spirnak

Brent is the Multimedia Ethnographer for the High Tech High Media Team. He began at HTH after graduating from San Diego State as a video ethnographer in 2008. After two years, he transitioned to the classroom and was a founding staff member at High Tech Middle North County while obtaining his art credential through the […]

Carmen Ramirez

Carmen recently joined the High Tech High community. Prior to working at HTH, Carmen worked at the University of California San Diego, and for UCSD Health Systems. She worked closely with physicians, researchers, and faculty providing executive and programmatic support in various departments such as Anesthesiology, and Family & Preventive Medicine (Sports Medicine Division). She […]

Julia Jacobsen

Julia Jacobsen is a Professional Learning Coordinator at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education and Instructional Coach at High Tech Middle North County. Julia’s love for teaching began in college when she spent the winter teaching in the Marshall Islands. After earning her credential and BA from Dartmouth College, she worked as an […]

Kali Frederick

Kali is a Professional Learning Coordinator for HTH’s Chula Vista campus. She collaborates with the PD team to create events and workshops for visiting educators. She believes in the power of finding one’s voice and works to amplify student voice and bring student leadership to the forefront of the work schools and teachers are doing. […]

Natasha Anderson

Natasha is a leader in brand strategy and marketing, having led various campaigns for Fortune 500 Companies and various nonprofit organizations. As the Strategic Communications and Events Manager, she develops and manages the communications and marketing strategies across High Tech High’s Graduate School of Education’s programs, professional education offerings, and research center networks. The News […]

Nuvia Ruland

Nuvia Crisol Ruland is a scientist and artist passionate about developing and facilitating curriculum based on the creative process at High Tech High Chula Vista. Her middle name, Crisol, Spanish for crucible or melting pot, holds the key to her passion for scientific research and art making. She’s been following these interests since she graduated […]

Patrick Yurick

Patrick formerly worked with High Tech High as an art educator at High Tech High Chula Vista and as a graduate student in the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program. For years he worked with the HTH GSE to help design and facilitate massive open online learning experiences such as New School Creation, Learning Mindsets & […]