Ady Kayrouz

Ady Kayrouz is the HTH Graduate School of Education Program Coordinator, for the GSE M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning, and New School Creation programs. Previously, she was Dean of Students at High Tech High Media Arts where she focused on creating human centric programs and designing systems to cultivate a culture […]

Anna Champion

Anna recently moved to California in January of 2017. Prior to that she lived in Mississippi for 19 years. During her professional career in Mississippi, she served in many diverse roles. She began as a staff accountant. From there, she worked in administration at a finance department, with a NASA contractor at Stennis Space Center. […]

Hayley Murugesan

As the Director of Student Affairs at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, Hayley Murugesan leads institutional development efforts and serves as the Registrar, Financial Aid Director, and Accreditation Liaison Officer. Hayley’s career in K-12 education spans charter and district schools from San Francisco to Boston before joining the HTH team in 2009. […]

Kaleb Rashad

Kaleb Rashad is the Director of Creative Leadership at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. Over the past 10 years, Kaleb has worked with diverse communities to co-create equity-driven, liberatory school cultures–characterized by student-centered pedagogy, trust-rich relationships, and creative leadership practices. Kaleb has served as the director (of doing badass work) at the […]

Katie Weisberg

Katie began working at HTH in 2005, initially for the central office, and later teaching reading, writing, social science, and special education. After serving as Academic Dean at High Tech Middle Media Arts, Katie moved into the role of Director of Special Education for the HTH schools, while earning her M.Ed through the HTH GSE. […]

Sarah Fine

Dr. Sarah Fine is an educator, ethnographer, and the co-author of In Search of Deeper Learning: The Quest to Remake the American High School. She currently directs the High Tech High Graduate School of Education’s Teaching Apprenticeship Program and also serves as a Lecturer in Education Studies at the University of California San Diego. In […]

Stacey Lopaz

Stacey’s passion for progressive education came from her time spent as an elementary school teacher in New Orleans, as part of her work with Teach for America from 2002 to 2004. Since then, Stacey has been constantly engaged in the study and practice of project-based learning as a vehicle for equity, across all grades. Stacey […]