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Currently, we offer the following, with more classes launching later in spring 2020:

How to PBL Online

Learning Mindsets

How to Teach Us

New School Creation

How to Make a Comic Book

HTH Project-Based Learning Design Kit

Designed in complement with Hands & Minds, the PBL Design Kit is a living resource that showcases core practices and provides resources for PBL development and facilitation.

UnBoxed: A Journal of Adult Learning in Schools provides interviews and articles, teacher and student reflections, the High Tech High UnBoxed podcast series, examples of PBL curriculum via the UnBoxed Project Cards, and more.

HTH-Published Books

Hands and Minds: A Guide to Project-Based Learning For Teachers By Teachers

Authored by six HTH teachers, this book shares core HTH practices to design and implement PBL curricula focused on equity, personalization, authentic work, and collaborative design, made accessible for teachers in any context and supported by vignettes from HTH and schools in the PBL Leadership Academy.

Inspiration, Not Replication: How Teachers Are Leading School Change From The Inside

Authored by five HTH educators, this book documents the journeys of five diverse, small teams of passionate teachers across California who are recreating their schools through authentic leadership projects supported by the PBL Leadership Academy.

The books complement each other and are designed to be read together, in any order.

HTH-Created Massive Open Online Courses

How To Make A Comic Book

(Project-Centered Course)
We are proud to announce our first fully online project based learning learning experience. This course is aimed at students 13+ as well as teachers looking to see best practices in PBL put into action. This course was made possible through a collaboration with MakingComics.com & Coursera.

Learning Mindsets & Skills MOOC

Presented by the Raikes Foundation and the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, the Learning Mindsets & Skills MOOC is designed to explore underlying concepts behind Learning Mindsets & Skills as well as the the practical applications of those concepts in various educational environments.

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New School Creation

Who should take this MOOC?
School leaders, graduate students, school developers (world-wide) and any interested in thinking in a different kind of way about how to create a school. Although the course is aimed at school creators, and it could be used by school reformers and others.
Lead Instructor: Larry Rosenstock
See our original release of “New School Creation” on the Google Course Builder platform by clicking here.

Coming Soon To Coursera…

Deeper Learning 101 MOOC

Who should take this MOOC?
Teachers, school leaders, and other educators interested in encouraging more deeper learning in their schools and classrooms. Although the course is aimed at school practitioners, others may benefit from the course as well.

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Teaching English Language Learners

Who should take this MOOC?
This curriculum is open to use and share as a training tool, resource guide, or better yet…use our developed Instructor Guide and Resources to train your own facilitator to lead teachers through the 8 modules/week course. Brought to you by the Schusterman Foundation, High Tech High Credentialing and New Visions for Public Schools.

Course Length: 8 weeks
Time Commitment: 5-7 hours/week
Registration: Always Open (Self-Paced)
Prerequisites: Computer/Internet access, English Language

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HTH Podcasts

High Tech High began in 2000 as a single charter high school launched by a coalition of San Diego business leaders and educators. It has evolved into an integrated network of schools spanning grades K-12, housing a comprehensive teacher certification program and a new, innovative Graduate School of Education. This is our podcast channel.

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