The GSE New School Creation Fellowship is designed for educators who are passionate and committed to designing and founding new schools focused on equity and deeper learning. Funded by the Walton Family Foundation, New School Creation Fellows are supported in leadership development, school design and new school start up. High Tech High schools provide an innovative and disruptive context for fellows to reimagine what is possible for K-12 education, and are intended to serve as sources for inspiration, not replication.The New School Creation Fellowship is offered as a one-year, full-time program with an embedded residency in one of the 16 HTH schools culminating in an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, or as a two-year, hybrid, online program with extended residencies in San Diego.

The New School Creation Fellowship is available for aspiring school founders planning to open schools in the following Walton priority cities: Atlanta, Boston, Camden, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Memphis, New Orleans, New York, Oakland, San Antonio and Washington D.C.


One-year, face-to-face model (w/M.Ed. in Educational Leadership)

  • One-year embedded residency in San Diego in one of the 16 HTH clinical sites
  • M.Ed. classes meet for three hours 2-3x/week
  • Core classes, master’s project and leadership fieldwork completed in one year
  • Advising support the year following graduation leading to launch of the new school

Fellowship: Covers tuition for M.Ed. program, $2,000/mo living stipend, two national school visits, and $10,000 start-up funding.

Two-year, hybrid, online model

  • Three extended residencies at High Tech High in San Diego (up to 21 days total)
  • Online meetings with faculty to support new school creation efforts
  • Online forums to provide a structure for critique and feedback from peers and faculty

Fellowship: Covers extended residencies at High Tech High, two national school visits, and $10,000 start-up funding.



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