“The Amar Foundation was established in 1987 in San Jose, CA. The foundation provides giving primarily for education, and to U.S.-based organizations concerning India that support social, economic, and educational programs.”

“The Roland Simon Family Foundation was created after recognizing the need in the local community for assistance with housing and education. Homelessness is at an all time high in many communities and there are hundreds of graduating high school students that do not have the money to afford a college education, even with the available financial aid. The Foundation believes that every American should have the opportunity to build a better life through higher learning and safe housing. Today, the Roland Simon Family Foundation is working with businesses and families to provide opportunities for those that are struggling to make ends meet.”

The Simon Foundation

“The James Irvine Foundation is a philanthropic nonprofit organization established to benefit the people of California. It seeks to promote social equity and enrich the cultural and civic life of America’s most populous state through its grants in three areas: the arts, youth and education, and state governance and civic engagement. The foundation was created in 1937 by James Irvine, an agricultural pioneer, largely in response to the Great Depression. Since its inception, the foundation has awarded over $1 billion in grants to more than 3,000 nonprofit organizations. Today it is the largest multi-purpose foundation focused exclusively on California.”

The James Irvine Foundation

“The Walton Family Foundation is guided by Sam and Helen Walton’s strong belief in the need for innovation and individual empowerment. This guiding principle has played a major role in the phenomenal growth of their small enterprise into a global retail leader. This principle – to the benefit of deserving people and inspiring projects around the world – also drives the philanthropic mission of the Walton Family Foundation. Today the foundation is more focused than ever on sustaining the Walton’s timeless small-town values and their deep commitment to making life better for individuals and communities alike.”

The Walton Family Foundation

“The Hewlett Foundation makes grants to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. The Foundation’s programs have ambitious goals that include: helping to reduce global poverty, limiting the risk of climate change, improving education for students in California and elsewhere, improving reproductive health and rights worldwide, supporting vibrant performing arts in our community, advancing the field of philanthropy, and supporting disadvantaged communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

“The Raikes Foundation is a private family foundation based in Seattle with a mission of providing opportunities and support for adolescents. The Raikes Foundation partners with innovative organizations and creative thinkers who are making lasting, positive changes in the lives of young people. The Foundation believes in the power of catalytic philanthropy, so they look for high-leverage opportunities to maximize their impact by convening the right players and supporting the right projects. They take calculated risks and support under-resourced areas. They work with urgency but recognize complex challenges take time to solve. They challenge assumptions – including their own – and are driven by data.”

The Raikes Foundation

“Jobs for the Future (JFF) is a national nonprofit that builds educational and economic opportunity for underserved populations in the United States. JFF develops innovative programs and public policies that increase college readiness and career success and build a more highly skilled, competitive workforce. With over 30 years of experience, JFF is a recognized national leader in bridging education and work to increase economic mobility and strengthen our economy.”

Jobs For the Future