Learn with us! Continuous improvement is about testing, refining and spreading high-leverage practices. We invite you to try some of the change ideas that have led to improvement in our schools and networks, and adapt them to your unique context. Our work is always evolving, so let us know how they work for you.


Change Idea Library

Supporting College, Career, & Civic Readiness with a Full Deck

Try these "hacks" for improving internships, reducing chronic absenteeism, increasing college access, and supporting public presentations of learning. The full deck can be downloaded, printed, folded and shared!
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Calgrant Awardance and FAFSA Completion

How to utilize FAFSA completion data to increase Calgrant Awardance
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Math Student Agency

Change ideas to develop student math agency currently being tested by MAIC.
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Chronic Absenteeism

Practices to track and address chronic absenteeism.
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Improving literacy

Strategies for developing student literacy in the context of project-based learning.
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Making Thinking Visible

Strategies for unearthing student thinking in elementary school
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Equitable Group Work

Student centered practices promoting equitable group work.
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Student Consulting

Meaningfully deploy student voice to support the growth of teachers.
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Building Readers

Support students in learning and loving to read
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